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CLOT (condensation group) after the launch of its first series of apparel Aligenera sold, CLOT launched a new series of follow up a victory with hot pursuit of clothing - CLOT FANTASY

, the theme of the costume series, is fantasy girls, full of artistic, wild colors that are currently on sale at Juice in Hongkong...
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for the fall of 2011, Vans Vault will be more new elements into the design, after the " Espadrille TH; LX" with straw sole appearance, and recently released new shoes - Chukka Bardenas LX. In the classic Chukka Boot version of the type used in tube set by senior suede material to create a piece of leather, with leather laces and shoe embellishment add texture, the overall look is very consistent with the localization of Vans Vault Vans senior branch. The shoes were introduced in four colors, interested friends may refer to some.

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safflower, Yunnan Baiyao is many runners standing medicine, where uncomfortable, painful, wipe out the rub, feel second days can be good, but the fact is it true? Some runners just was a little sore, but wipe the oil into the second days......

1, first understand the common sense of sports injury

first, I'd like to introduce you to the classification of sports injuries. The sports injury runners common, such as tendonitis, ankle sprains, muscle strain, etc., all belong to the closed soft tissue injury, that is to say the sports injury without wounds. And the injury of blood, such as scratches and scratches, is the injury of open soft tissue. Open injury first need to wound debridement and disinfection treatment, are generally not recommended as Voltaren ointment topical use of safflower oil class (Yunnan Baiyao for open injury drugs).

closed soft tissue injury, and also divided into acute and chronic injury. Acute injury refers to lead to a big role in the violence are common injury, muscle strain, sprain and contusion; chronic injury refers to acute injury or improper treatment of local long-term overload into injury, a common patellofemoral syndrome, tendonitis, tibial stress syndrome.

2, staging of closed motor injury and its treatment method

is more common today because of acute closed injury, so today we mainly discuss how to deal with acute closed soft tissue injury. Take an example of an ankle injury that is common to a friend of the runners.

1) early: injury immediately to within 48 hours of
, we have told you that the principle of immediate treatment after injury is the most classic "RICE" principle.

"R" refers to Rest, that is, rest and brake, because further activities will increase the amount of bleeding. Some runners were very sore when they had acute injuries such as ankle sprain, muscle strain and so on during running. Then the pain seemed to ease and then run, which is the important reason for aggravating the injury.

"I" refers to Ice, which is ice compress. Ice compress can relieve pain and reduce local blood flow. It is a necessary means to control the injury after acute motor injury. Winter and summer can be washed in tap water, must use the ice, no ice, ice emergency can also buy a popsicle, ice a day for 15-20 minutes, can be repeated several times;

"C" refers to the Compression, is on the wounds were bandaged. It can be bandaged with ice compress, which can reduce bleeding and limit the development of hematoma. It can be treated by elastic bandage or other more professional sports rubber cloth. If the muscle is attached, the muscle can be tightly bandaged;

"E" refers to Elevation, which raises the affected limb, which can promote the reflux of blood and tissue fluid and reduce the swelling. When sleeping in the evening, the mats are high with the quilt.

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