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Ankle sprain should not be ignored

everyone in daily life, the need to pay attention to the ankle care, there are a lot of people in the running, there will be an ankle injury, serious influence directly to the patient's body, so we need to pay attention to first aid, to make a reasonable treatment plan, for reasonable rest, then, what are the ankle running sprain of the emergency measures?

first step: rest

rest immediately after injury can promote faster recovery, reduce pain, bleeding or swelling, in order to prevent the deterioration of the injury.

second step: cold compress

rest 15 - 20 minutes after a cold compress for 15 - 20 minutes, then take the ice to rest 5 points and then apply. It can constriction the blood vessels and reduce swelling, pain and spasm. Cold compress of the skin feeling in four stages: Cold - pain - burning - numbness, when it becomes numb, it can end cold compress. Don't be too quick to stop and switch to cold hot compress every day within two days after injury, the use of cold at least 3 - 4 times, the more serious damage in the use of cold, and 3 days after the swelling subsided, before considering the use of hot compress.

third step: pressurized

first covers the wound with clean dressings, and it oppresses the affected area with hand, bandage and so on, which can slow the deterioration of the injury. When dressing, from a few inches below the wound began to pack at about about half spiral overlap, with average and slightly pressure gradually on the package, but the wound to relax, to ensure the injured limb blood circulation. To observe the color of the toe or finger, if there is pain, skin discoloration, paralysis, prickle and other symptoms, the package is too tight and should be unwrapped.

fourth step: raise

the wounds in patients with heart can be raised above the height, stopping bleeding and swelling. If a suspected fracture should be wound splint after elevation.


1: maintain muscle strength and flexibility

what are the
for the first aid measures for the sprained ankle
2: proper warm-up
before exercise
3: avoid excessive exercise

hints: ankle sprain is common in daily life. Once foot and ankle injury occurs, it is very important to give timely diagnosis and treatment. But at present the misunderstanding of many people, easy to delay the disease, the best time delaying treatment.

we need to pay attention to these sprain treatment, must pay attention to rest, avoid the ankle swelling, often appear in such a situation, we need to pay attention to timely treatment, to avoid missing the best treatment time, bring more influence, I hope you pay attention to such a situation, comprehensive health care, to avoid causing more harm. (assured Garden Network)

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